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Before contacting support please take a look through our list of frequently asked questions below. If your question has not been answered please fill out a support form. You may also wish look at our packages available to see the levels of support offered.


My user ID/password isn't recognised. User IDs and passwords are case sensitive, make sure you don't have the Caps Lock turned on when entering your details.
How do I change my password? Log into OT and click on the User Details menu, from there you will find a Change Password button at the foot of the screen.
I've forgotten my password, how do I reset it? Go to the Login page, enter your user ID and click Forgotten Password. A new one will be emailed to you.
I've forgotten my company number or user ID. Ask your systems administrator for them. If you are the systems administrator, send us your company name and user name using our support form and we will send you them.
I'm trying to log in but all I get is "invalid user ID supplied". This could be for one of the following reasons:
  • You have entered the wrong company number: select "show company number" to confirm
  • You have entered the wrong user ID
  • Your account has not been set up yet: contact your systems administrator
  • Your account has expired
  • Your account has been removed
I'm trying to update/add some details but the update/add button is disabled. Try pressing the tab key to leave the last field you entered. If the button is still disabled check the you have entered all the information required and that it is correct.
I'm trying to add new users but it says I have reached my limit for the number of users allowed. Each active user counts as 1 user and each non-active user counts as half a user. e.g. 5 active users and 4 non-active users count together as 7 users. Deleted users don't contribute towards the count but cannot be reported on. If you have reached your purchased limit consider making some users non-active or even deleting them to reduce the count, alternatively contact us to increase your maximum number of users.
Once a user has been deleted or has expired, can they be reinstated? Yes, in the user maintenance screen simply select "Show expired and deleted users", click on the user you wish to resurrect, change their status back to Normal and ensure their expiry date is in the future.
When viewing a summary of my week's timesheet, why are some entries disabled? Either your timesheet has been submitted already or you have multiple entries for the same project/code code combination on the same day (therefore OT cannot determine which one to modify)
How can I submit timesheet entries whilst offline? If you are on the Premium version of OT timesheet entries can be submitted whilst offline by sending them in by email. For full details on how to submit entries via email please contact the support department
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